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How to Organise a Poker Run With Your Car Club

Organizing a poker run can seem overwhelming, but if you apply a few strategies and organize everything down to a T, your event will run smoothly. Considering that the purpose of the event is to collect as many funds as possible to donate to the charities of choice, you can make your poker run exclusively for luxury sports car owners.

Location, location, location

For starters, choose the location and map out the track for your poker run depending on the type of game you’ve based your event on. If you’re considering Texas Hold’em or Omaha, make sure that you allow for at least 2-3 stops before all participants meet at the end to play the chosen game of poker. Share the track’s map with the participants by email so they can configure it into their vehicle’s GPS systems for more efficiency.

The Play of the Game

To add diversity to your event, you should set spin-off rules to the standards. You can do this by integrating innovative features into the race. First, you should determine how many stop locations your poker run will include. You should set at least 2 or 3 stops. At each location, you can appoint a dealer who will send hold cards by email to the participants in exchange for a fee. You can also set a few wagering requirements for each round including the preflop, flop, turn or river. Your better off keeping the river round for the end of the poker run. After players have covered the wagering requirements, they will receive their chosen hold card in their e-mail’s inbox for each round.

The Central Meeting Point

After all the participants have received their hold cards and have passed through all the stops, they’ll arrive at the central meeting point. Here, you can set up a land-based casino type room where players will be greeted by a professional dealer waiting for them to wager on the remaining poker rounds. The game carries out as it would normally do in a casino. The winner of the Texas Hold’em or Omaha poker game will donate the earned funds to his preferred charity.